From Naagin Dance to Fufa Ji Ruth Gaye Hai, Indian weddings are incomplete without these 9 things

Marriage in India is not just a function, but it is a mini festival related to the emotions of relatives. The house is decorated before the wedding, while the whole family including the bride and groom are busy in shopping.

Not only this, the wedding processions are also welcomed with full pomp, while fifty types of dishes are prepared in the food. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some unique and funny things related to Indian weddings, without which every marriage remains incomplete.

naagin dance

Nagin Dance

In an Indian wedding, people jump and dance on the dance floor, but that dance remains incomplete until someone performs the serpent dance. Naagin dance is a popular dance of weddings, which is mostly performed by boys. During this, one person becomes a snake charmer, then another person shows the serpent dance on his tune.

children dancing on the dance floor

In Indian weddings, adults as well as children set the dance floor on fire, whether they know how to dance or not. In such a situation, at every wedding, you will see children thronging the dance floor, some of which also show very funny dance moves.

ruffling and celebrating relatives


If there is a marriage in a house, then it is obvious that the face of the relatives definitely becomes on one thing or the other. In this list, the name of the bride or groom’s brother-in-law and uncle comes first, who, when there is a slight decrease in the guest, sit on the side with their nose red.

beginning of love stories

In Indian weddings, only the bride and groom are not one, but it is like a blind date for many bachelors. Often in marriage, the people of the bride and groom’s side look for partners for each other, in which the search of many people is also completed.

women’s precious jewelery

In Indian weddings, the most beautiful women are scattered, who like to wear expensive-expensive jewelery with beautiful clothes. On the other hand, if the bride and groom have close relatives or sisters, then they look no less than a moving jewelery shop in the procession.

Removes damages in food

The most important thing in a marriage is food, for which the people of the bride and groom are always eager. However, it is a different matter that more people who attend the procession work to find out the lack of food, even if many cooked dishes have been served in front of them. It seems that some people attend marriages just to do the evil of eating.

The procession does not reach on time

In Indian weddings, no procession arrives on time, while the girl’s eyes keep waiting to welcome the procession. Pandit ji’s late arrival at the wedding, jamming on the road and indiscriminate dance of the baraatis do not allow the procession to reach the venue on time.

next number is yours

In marriage, most people kill a dialogue after seeing a bachelor boy or girl, the next number is yours. By doing this, the mind of the boy or girl is taken whether he is ready for marriage or not and if he agrees to the marriage, then the work of finding a relationship starts in the procession itself.

People stay silent after drinking alcohol

In Indian weddings, especially the people of the groom’s side definitely drink alcohol, which he considers a part of the celebration. Due to drunken relatives in marriage, the procession is often delayed, because they keep dancing for a long time. At the same time, some people drink so much that the matter reaches to a fight.

So these were some special things, without which Indian weddings are not complete. If seen, due to these fun things, a different glow is seen in the marriage, while everyone enjoys the wedding in their own way.

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