After Graduate Chai Wali, now the commando tea station in Bihar has become a center of attraction for the people.

After the graduate chai wala started from the capital Patna, many stalls of this type of chai wala have opened continuously in many other districts of Bihar. Let me tell you that Graduate Chai Wali was in the headlines for the last several months because of her work. Now once again Commando Chai Adda is in the headlines in Bihar.

Actually, let me tell you that a commando chaiwala of Gopalganj, Bihar is in the headlines these days, let me tell you that you will not be shocked to hear about this commando chaiwala. Meaning it is not a mere commando. This commando is SSG commando and he has T stall. Let me tell you that the commandos have served in the army in 2014, they are residents of Simhasini village of East Champaran.

Commando Mohit tells that he is currently working in the capital of the country and he has come on leave for 29 days, due to which he set up a tea stall for 8 to 9 days near Mania Chowk in Gopalganj, Bihar to give a message to the people. are. They say that no work is small or big. Giving information, he said that I have set up a tea shop to give this message, people are also coming and appreciating.

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